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Winners of the SYNERGY "Crowd Innovation for Companies" pilot action

Crowd innovation Innovation Campaigns Success stories

The Pilot Action: 

The SYNERGY team carried out the online pilot action “Crowd Innovation for Companies” on the SYNERGY Platform. The pilot action connected companies with a project idea that required technical solutions with suitable problem solvers from the online crowd who presented matching technical solutions from the key project areas of Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing, Micro- and Nanotechnologies and Industry 4.0.

The Solutions: 

The two winners are the two solution providers of the following individual challenges:

-  Asian Dumplings Maker

- Microcontroller and Electromotor Optimization and Component Prototyping.

The first winning solution was devoted to the proposal of a ready-to-print 3D CAD model for a dumplings maker that enables the chef to make Asian shape dumplings. The solution presents an innovative product approach and fills the current gap in the market, as these kinds of moulds have not been manufactured for manual manufacturing so far. Have a look at the challenge and respective solution

The second winner RM-PROJEKT LLC proposed an effective solution for the challenge published by Adricom LLC to support the microcontroller and electromotor optimization and component prototyping with regard to developing a smart bag for electric wheelchair users. Have a look at the challenge and respective solution

The 3.000 EUR vouchers were delivered to the solution providers and were used by them to acquire useful services.

The collaboration is on a good way ahead! Congratulations to the Winner!