§ 1 General provisions

 1.    Website available at https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl is run by Politechnika Wrocławska, registered in Wrocław, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27 St.

2.    As part of the Website, the User may view its resources, as well as participate in contests, add descriptions, comments and responses to comments regarding information posted on the Website.

3.    The Website may be used by any User.

4.    Using the Website is voluntary and no fees are charged.

5.    Acceptance of these Terms is a prerequisite to use the Website. 

6.    Users may disseminate ideas, questions, opinions, information under the rules set forth in these Terms.


§ 2 Dictionary

 1.  Website – Internet website run by the Website Operator available at: https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl

2.  Website Operator – Politechnika Wrocławska, registered in Wrocław, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27 St.

3.  User - any natural person with full legal capacity. The User may also be a natural person who does not have full legal capacity, provided that he/she obtains the consent of his/her statutory representative to use the Website or acts without such representative, provided that the use of the Website does not go beyond the legal possibilities of his/her independent functioning within undertaken actions.

4.  Terms – these Terms together with all attachments constituting integral part of the Terms.

5.   Projekt Designer – the User who publishes the Design he has developed on the Website,

6. Supporting – User financially supporting the Project on a voluntary basis,

7.   Project – the idea and proposal of the undertaking the achieve a specific goal, posted by the Project Designer to raise founds for their implementation,

8.   Awards – mutual benefits offered to the Supporters by the Project Designer in connection with the supporting of Projects by the Supporters,

9.   Account – an individual User account to which he has access by means of a login and password,

10. Registration – the act of providing data by the User to the extent necessary to use the Website,

11.  Registration form – an electronic form for User Registration,

12.  Payment – financial support by the Supporter.


§ 3 Service scope of the Website

1.    These Regulations set out the principles of the Website's operation, including in particular:

• general rules for using the Website,

• Users' rights and obligations,

• rights, obligations and scope of responsibility of the Website Operator.

2.    The Website Operator provides the User with the Terms of Use free of charge by posting them on the website at: https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl/term and also - at the User's request - in a way that enables the User to obtain, reproduce and record the content of the Terms using the IT system used by the User.


§ 4 Technical conditions for using the Website

 1. The technical requirements necessary to use the Website by the User are as follows:

a) having a device enabling access to the Internet (wired or wireless), equipped with an efficient operating system: Windows or Linux;

b) installing on the device referred to above the current version of the web browser providing access to Internet resources, accepting cookies, i.e. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or other compatible browser.


§ 5 Protection of copyrights and other rights

 1.    All rights to the Website and all its parts, including software, functional layout, graphic elements, databases and works presented as part of the Website, with the exception of content shared by Website’s Users, belong to the Website Operator or entities cooperating with it and are subject to legal protection.

2.    Users' use of the Website does not mean acquiring any rights to the Website or its particular elements. Users of the Website without the consent of the Website Operator expressed in writing, otherwise being null and void, may use elements of the Website (including works made available within it, also by other Users), only for their own personal use (the so-called fair use), unless otherwise stated by the applicable law.

3.    In order to avoid any doubts, regardless of other reservations contained in these Terms, the Website Operator reserves that without his consent expressed in writing under pain of nullity, it is forbidden to further disseminate any content from the Website, expressed in any form.

4.    All materials submitted by the User for publication (e.g. attachments or graphic materials) are their property and are subject to legal protection. It is prohibited to copy and duplicate them by third parties without the prior consent of the User. The User agrees to the publication of materials on the website https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl

5.    The User declares that all materials entered by him do not infringe the rights of third parties. In the case of third parties’ claims against the Website operator or other entities involved in the operation of the Website https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl related to violation of personal or property rights, in connection with the publication of materials on the site https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl  the User will be obliged to   satisfy these claims and to cover all costs that, in connection with its occurrence, the Website operator or another entity involved in operating the Website https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl has suffered. The User agrees to the free use, including development and modification, of all materials published by him on the website https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl

6.    The User, by agreeing to accept these Terms, authorizes the Website Operator to use the User's statement posted by the given User, which may be in accordance with the Copyrights Act of February 4, 1994, were considered to be a "work" in the scope of:

 - recording  and reproducing - producing copies of the song by any technique, as well as entering the song into the computer's memory, publishing the song on websites, and in particular in the Website https://synergyplatform.pwr.edu.pl

 - trading the original of the work or copies on which the work has been recorded - placing on the market, lending, renting or leasing the original or copies,

 - dissemination of the work in a way other than specified above - public performance, exhibition, display, playback, broadcasting and broadcasting via a wired or wireless video or audio by a ground station or via a satellite, as well as public access to the above. song in such a way that everyone can have access to it at a place and time of their choice, including in publications published by the Website operator and on websites.


§ 6 Rules of using the Website

 1. Using the Website is free of charge.

2. The User undertakes to use the Website in a manner consistent with its intended purpose, including the use of specific software or devices, as well as in a manner consistent with these Terms, applicable law and general principles of using the Internet (so-called netiquette).

3. The User is obliged not to post on the Website, including in the form of descriptions or comments:

a) content prohibited by law, including in particular offensive or vulgar content, incitement to violence or other activities contrary to the law or principles of good practice, or which violate personal rights and other rights of third parties,

b) content aimed at expressing opinions concerning persons, events or institutions to whom the work / content posted on the Website does not apply,

c) personal data of third parties, their contact details and e-mail addresses,

d) content containing false information,

e) commercial information or any other content of an advertising or promotional nature.

4. Descriptions and comments shall be published immediately after their addition.

5. Website users publish their comments and opinions only at their own risk.

6. The Website Operator does not bear any responsibility for the content posted by Users on the Website.

7. If the User violates the provisions of these Terms, the works (taking part in the competition), descriptions or comments may be removed from the Website.

8. Users who violate the provisions of these Terms may be blocked by the Website Operator.

9. In the event of removal from the Website of works (taking part in the competition), projects, descriptions or comments, the Website Operator reserves the right to block the possibility for a given User to add new descriptions or comments. Such an User may contact the Website Operator to clarify his/her actions that resulted in the application of the measures referred to above, or obtain information about them. All reports in this matter should be directed to: synergyplatform@pwr.edu.pl accurately describing the problem.


§ 7 Projects

 1.Submission of the Project

The Website Operator enables Project Designers to run campaigns and challenges for financing their Projects. After fully activating the Account on the Website, the User may submit Projects by creating campaigns and challenges. The purpose of submitting the Project is that the Project Designer is required to provide:

-           Title of the Project,

-           Description of the Project,

-           Define the purpose of the Project,

-           Specify the amount needed to implement it,

-           Indicate the time for collecting funds supporting the implementation of the Project.

2. After completing all information regarding the Project, the Project Designer submits the Project for approval by the Website Operator. The Website Operator grants approval or refusal to accept the Project and informs the Project Designer about this fact by e-mail address provided by him within 7 business days from submitting the Project for approval.

3. The campaign to financially support the Project begins upon acceptance by the Website Operator, unless the Project Designer sets different campaign start date.

4. In the event of challenges, the Project Designer is obliged to indicate the Awards being a mutual benefit that the Supporters receive in exchange for providing financial support to the Project. The Project Designer is also required to provide an approximate date of delivery of the Award. The deadline for the delivery of the Award is calculated from the date of the end of time for collecting funds supporting the implementation of the Project, provided that the at least the amount specified by the Project Designer is collected. The Project Designer is solely responsible for delivering and timely delivery of the Awards.

5. To support campaigns carried out on the Website Operator, the Supporter should select the Project he is interested in. The Supporter determines the amount he wants to support the campaign, after which he is automatically redirected to the online payment service. One Project User can support repeatedly.

The minimum amount that the Supporter can support the Project will be specified by the Project Designer. Payments made by Supporters reach the bank account of the  Project Designer. Using the Website the Supporting accepts operator’s terms of payment.

6. The balance of funds accumulated for the implementation of the Project is visible throughout the duration of the campaign or challenge.

7. The author of the campaign or challenge, accepting the accumulated funds, undertakes to achieve its goal and implement Awards for Supporters.

8. In order to transfer funds accumulated for support to the account of the Project Designer, he is obliged to complete his data with the number of the bank account belonging to him. Funds accumulated to support the campaign are transferred to the Project Designer’s bank account within 14 business days of the campaign end date.

9. The Project Designer agrees to collect ....% provision on the amount of support received by the Supporters for the Service Provider, which the Project Designer will take into account in the prepared Project budget


§ 8 Responsibility of the Website Operator

 1.    The Website Operator is not responsible for errors or interruptions in the functioning of the Website that resulted from reasons beyond his control, in particular those arising from actions or omissions of Users in breach of the law, these Terms or the general principles of using the Internet (netiquette) or due to force majeure.

2.    The Website Operator reserves the right to introduce temporary interruptions in the operation of the Website, in particular in the event of the need to carry out repairs, maintenance, modernization or expansion of the systems operating the Website, of which the Website Operator will inform Users well in advance.


§ 9 Protection of personal data

    1.    The administrator of User's personal data is Politechnika Wrocławska, Wrocław, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27 St.

2.    The Administrator processes the User's personal data based on the concluded contract, the subject of which is the User's adherence to the competition chosen by the participant. The terms of the contract are accepted by accepting these Terms and joining the chosen competition (in accordance with the rules of the individual Competition).

3.    Providing personal data by the User is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the competition chosen by the User.

4.    The Administrator provides the User's personal data to entities authorized under the law and entities processing data on our behalf, participating in the performance of our activities, i.e. entities providing IT services related to the Website, including: sm32 STUDIO Marek Mucharski, with headquarters: 34 -300 Żywiec, ul. Grapa 10, REGON: 241093259, NIP: 5532087369, for processing to the extent provided for in these Terms and the rules of the competition in which the User participates.

5.    The User has the right to access data, rectify, delete or limit processing, the right to object, the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body in the cases specified in the provisions of the RODO.

6.    In other respects, the principles of processing and protecting User's personal data are set out in the Privacy Policy.


§ 10 Complaint procedure

1.    In the event of a malfunction of the Website, the User has the right to lodge a complaint.

2.    Complaints should be submitted in writing via e-mail sent to the address synergyplatform@pwr.edu.pl or in the form of a registered letter sent to the address of the Website Operator, ie: Politechnika Wrocławska, K62W10D07, SYNERGY Project, Łukasiewicza 5 St. , 50-370 Wrocław

3.    A written complaint should contain the following data.

a) the User's e-mail address or residence address, to which the User wants to receive a response to the submitted complaint,

b) brief description of the circumstances justifying the complaint.

4. The Website Operator is obliged to consider the complaint within a maximum period of 14 days from its receipt. In the event of the ineffective expiry of the above deadline, it is considered that the Website Operator has accepted the complaint in full.


§ 11 Final Provisions

1. These Terms have been prepared based on the provisions of Polish law.

2. The Website Operator reserves the right to amend these Terms after informing 14-days before the Website Users by email and on the Website's home page.

3. In matters not covered in these Terms, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply.