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Growing numbers of people are embracing entrepreneurship. Yet start-up ecosystem of business incubators, accelerators and co-sharing workspaces largely ignores older people who are eager to launch companies, either full-time or part-time in retirement. That is why it is worth looking at a project we named Accelerator55+. Accelerator55+ is mission-led. It is resolving three issues: (1) Employment and inclusion of the elderly; (2) Growing lack of innovation focused on improving life of elderly (3) Growing need for social innovation/entrepreneurship focused on resolving societal issues. Accelerator55+ is not only ensuring inclusion, financial sustainability and additional income for the elderly, but it is also benefiting from their increased need for creativity: most retired people still have the energy and desire to be involved in the professional or public activities. Call it Accelerator 2.0 – not only it allows people over 55 to find a new work life and a pay check in entrepreneurship, it also addresses the growing need for innovation focused on improving the lives of older people – identified directly by them. That is right – the focus of the Accelerator55+ will be innovation intended for the elderly’s usage in the future! What is available until now are programs for young entrepreneurs that are designed to supplement their business skills to help them understand the needs of the elderly. However, the elderly are more than able to innovate by themselves – why not supporting them? The program is intended for creators and innovators from a variety of backgrounds over the age of 55 and includes: (1) Educational component: structured programme and workshops on all the necessary aspects of creating a business: creating the product, its business model, positioning, branding, and product design all the way through launch and sales. Workshops on developing business plan, marketing and sales, public pitching. (2) Support component – mentorships and expert advisory support, opportunity to find a co-founder. (3) Development component – connecting the new entrepreneurs into a network of entrepreneurial ecosystem. (4) Co-working space with an intergenerational twist: all generations working together in one big co-work. The goal: inspiring and enabling innovation by and for older adults - improving our common future.
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With generations living longer than ever before, there is an incredible opportunity for innovation within the caregiving, health and wellbeing space. This market is experiencing unprecedented economic growth as the 50+ population is already responsible for trillions of dollars of spending and economic activity. There could not be a better time to bring an accelerator focused on innovation in this sector to market – from elderly to elderly. [LOOK AT THE CONCEPT NOTE BELOW]
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