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We all love spending time outside during sunny weather and we all love being totally exposed to it while spending summer at the sea. But such joyful moments make us forget about the time we spend under those warm rays. Despite the health benefits that sun brings, there are serious consequences to long lasting exposure to UV radiation, which could lead to different skin conditions or even cancer. Knowing that emerging technologies could keep people informed and safe in these precious moments, we thought of a way in which our products can help. I believe that Moment smart jewelry will introduce Internet of Things principles to the fashion design, with a goal of ensuring people’s safety and allowing them to carelessly enjoy their time in the sun. My handmade smart jewelry is inspired by the Zadar's Greetings to the Sun, a place that offers an unforgettable sunset and unique sound of the Sea Organ created by the movement of the sea. At sunset, circular elements light up and produce a multi-colored light game, and the sea surface creates a color palette that appears when reflecting the sky and the environment. These unique scenes are presented in the unique abstract drawings captured in each piece of jewelry as a symbol of a passing and unique moment. Inspired by these sights I realized how mesmerizing the sun can be, and how often we forget about the amount of time that we are exposed to harmful UV radiation. In order to deal with this issue in a subtle and attractive, but at the same time very effective way, I created a concept of smart jewelry that could help us track the healthy amount of time spent in the sun, so we can enjoy it carelessly. The concept is based on an UV sensor inside this unique designer jewelry that is linked to your mobile app, which measures UV index and sun exposure and gives you a regular report but also alerts you when your sun exposure exceeds the recommended time. This way you get to wear a jewelry that is not only unique and aesthetically pleasing but is combined with a tech component that gives it a useful purpose. This way you can easily track the healthy amount of sun exposure without compromising the looks. There is no similar product that brings you all the benefits Moment provides: - Tracks your sun exposure – vitamin D production - Notifies you when your exposure is too high or too low - Tracks sun exposure history with personalized health tips - Sunscreen reminders – daily UV forecast - Looks great on you and comes at affordable price! Moment jewelry takes care of your health and the health of your loved ones in a very aesthetically pleasing way. It brings the future of smart fashion to your style and enriches the quality of leisure time you enjoy so much. In order to finalize the Moment prototype, I am investing into research and development of the micro technology that is going to be integrated into my design. The sensors that are being a part of the jewelry are being improved to have better performances, more precise information and more subtle appearance. Research and development on micro-technology level are extremely expensive, therefore I cannot proceed without you on my side. I am asking you to support me and allow me to finalize the integration of this exciting technology into my new line of products.
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For helping me bring careless enjoyment in the beauties of sunbathed locations to thousands of people, I will reward you with the following perks: - 10 € sunscreen lotion SPF 50 + - 25 € sunscreen lotion SPF 50+ and Moment beach towel - 50 € skin protect package (sunscreen spray, sunscreen oil, after sun lotion) + Moment hat + Moment beach towel - 100 € Moment earrings + Moment necklace - 150 € Moment earrings + Moment necklace + Moment bracelet - 200 € Moment earrings + Moment necklace + Moment bracelet + skin protect package + Moment hat + Moment beach towel - 500 € Unique custom designed set of Moment jewelry
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