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Almost every product can now be tailored or at least given an individual touch. This is possible with intelligent process control via the Internet, flexible automation and light corporate structures. The individual manufacture of products has always existed and still bears the profane name of craftsmanship. The first industry to take up the issue on a larger scale is the automotive industry. Starting from highly efficient industrial mass production, the production processes were increasingly modularized, so that the manufacturer is now able to let the customer choose the components from a modular system without the process speed or product quality suffering. Customer data, invoices, working hours, material flows can theoretically be organized using a single large software. In practice, however, this idea encounters hurdles that are difficult to overcome for several reasons. The more individually a software is tailored to a company, the more expensive it becomes. In order to map all company processes in one step, you need a very detailed catalog of requirements, which takes a lot of time to create. If new requirements arise over time, it is often not easy to adapt individually tailored software. We would therefore like to develop an alternative digitization concept. Instead of tailoring a large software package, a small, inexpensive program is to be developed, which can be freely combined into a kind of modular system to create an individual solution in order to make the working day more pleasant for me and my customers. The digitalization of production stages, especially in order entry and processing, makes it possible for mass customization to be implemented for countless products today. Digitization is intended to reduce the costs and time that arise, for example, for recurring similar inquiries and through consultations with the customer. Furthermore, it ensures data exchange, it generates standardized and therefore smoothly processable order data. In this campaign, the complete order processing is to be digitized. The customer puts together his individual cake using a virtual modular system. For the available categories, for example, the size, the floor, the filling, the occasion, the motif (print, 2D, 3D etc.) and the covering should be selectable. After the compilation, the customer receives the price and can then choose whether to place the order. Furthermore, the customer should be given the opportunity to indicate food intolerances and to express special requests. A list of ingredients will be available for each product.
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The success of the support is directly visible through the implementation of the virtual modular system. A directly measurable success is generated.
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