Preoperation planning tool for surgeons

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Whenever a surgeon prepares for an operation involving cutting and dislocating of a bone, he makes a plan based on CT or RTG data. Using newer methods 3D computer-aided preparation is possible. Yet it is proven, that working on tactile 3D models rises the accuracy of surgeries even more. Due to patient specific bone shape every generated model needs to be processed in a diffrent manner, thus it’s impossible to create generic model. What we want to create is a framework for automatic 3D printing of bones and joints for operation planning for surgeons.
Benefits for supporters
Benefits are mostly targeted for working surgeons, clinics and hospitals. 400€ - 1 free print, 1 000€ - 3 free prints, 5 000€ - 3 free prints + 1h lecture on usage, 30 000€ - in depth framework tutoring session for up to 15 people + 2 free training prints per participant, 100 000€ - setting up a printing station at customer's place + tutoring session
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