Automatic Drone Construction Side Control

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The goal of VICTRA is the completely digitalized monitoring of large construction sites with drones. The autonomous flying objects are located on a mobile platform and operate fully automatically after a prior definition of the area. The construction site is flown over at hourly intervals and a three-dimensional image of the site is captured using photogammetry. After the automatic overflight, the drones return to the platform, charge their batteries there and transfer the 3D model obtained to a server. The model can be viewed on the computer afterwards. There are various interfaces that the civil engineer can use to obtain a perfect overview of the condition of the construction site. On the one hand he can view the current state of the construction site. On the other hand, it will be possible to assemble the models into a video in order to view the temporal development. In the end, only those areas can be displayed where there has been a change within a defined period of time, in order to reduce the visual impressions for the site manager. It should be possible to view the above information on a screen or with 3D glasses. Interfaces to other construction site control systems such as BIM are part of the system. As a marketing concept, such images can also be used to illustrate construction progress on large projects and to create transparency for investors and potential users.
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