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Edge SDN is built on top of the Semantic SDN where applications are equipped with a dictionary of semantic functions that can be exploited during a communication. This result is a network paradigm shift from end-to-end to edge-to-edge network, where application and network node cooperate in the traffic delivery. The working principle is simple, applications inject data traffic coupled with tagging information regarding the meaning and the objective of the communication. Tagging information attached to data follow through the whole data path giving network nodes useful information on how to handle the traffic. Therefore, applications can explicit state specific traffic conditions such as data delay, jitter, backup path, security options and so on exploited a shared semantic dictionary between host and network nodes. This results in a stateful programmable data plane where SDN has endless programming possibilities.
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Edge SDN can be integrated with legacy IP networks to empower current networks with a large set of new network services. It is well suited in those application scenarios where transport requirements are very demanding. As a matter of fact, Edge SDN can have the same impact SDN had in datacenter applications such as cloud computing, indeed the more edge devices retrieve and handle data the more advanced network functions are needed. The goal of Edge SDN is to create a semantic network simple and inexpensive to apply able to be integrated with next generation network such as 5G and vehicular network.
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