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Mind is an innovative Italian SME born in 2014 with the major mission of bringing the state-of-the-art of smart houses one step further. Promoted by wide range of professionals combining the most solid academic background – both in the technical and business fields - MIND is the result of five years of intensive engineering work and business development.

Mind provide a solution capable to action and communicate with home devices of any type and vendor, through a minimal set of hardware components which are either hidden to the user or perfectly integrated with the home design. Its installation takes no longer than 2 days; it costs 34% less than the least costly of all home-automation equivalents, and adds a layer of Artificial Intelligence that no other solution in the market can offer right now.


 MIND can systematically recognize and apply presence, identity and behaviour patterns in a multi-user environment, and guarantees data privacy because all data are processed in real-time (no cloud required) and carefully encrypted end-to-end, meaning no sensitive data ever leaves users’ facilities without being applied maximum protection levels. Our innovation has a better profitability compared to traditional home automation solutions and reduces the “hidden cost” for end-users by 70%.


 Mind technology solution is composed by a hardware-software suite:


 _ the hardware gear composed by 2 main projects:


 • A patented and CE-approved actuator installed in any wall socket of the house where electrical appliances are connected. This component controls the on/off, dimming, buttons, clean contact of these appliances and monitors their energy consumption. All appliances become “smart” under the control of this mini-actuator in a very fast installation thanks to Wi-Fi, including those appliances not originally designed as smart technology. An actuator’s electric power measurement resolution is 0.01W.


 • A patented smart multi-sensor to be installed in every room and disguised as design furniture. It contains one of the best performing embedded GPU, a set of environmental sensors, two HD cameras and a set of microphones. The cameras enable advanced pattern recognition to monitor activities and extract information on user’s habits. High quality sensors allow monitoring environmental conditions (CO, CO2, VOC, CH4). A 4-microphone array allows far-field voice capture, which supports a voice-command user interface and sound base deep network recognitions. The multi-sensor is powered by a best-in-class 256-core GPU (NVidia Tx2) that enable a strong local real-time processing on deep network algothitms technologies. It also is equipped with notification RGB LEDs, 2 WIFI, Bluetooth and a little speaker. The cube, the only visible element of MIND, is a minimalistic cube designed for adapting to the style and aesthetics of each house. The multi-sensor is provided in 4 different shapes: 


  • a minimalistic multi-color cubic light fixture
  • an external smart-city cube for streetlight
  • An external garden post 
  • a 4-IPcamera retrofit rack 

The cube's CE-certification is pending. 


_ the software platform:

 • a complex algorithm library to set rules of pattern recognition, machine learning, tracking and motion detection necessary to build a behavior dynamic model of the home user answering to daily necessities in a completely not intrusive way, improving everyone’s life.


 • a distribuite operating system the can enable very efficient communications through cubes and actuators. This is a full-stack EDGE-TO-CLOUD platform for home automation. 


MIND processes the raw data coming from sensors (i.e. video streaming), streaming), codifies it and uses it locally. No sensitive data leaves the building and any data uploaded to the cloud is carefully encrypted and never sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes (eg. Amazon Alexa o Google Home). This is a relevant feature in Europe, where most costumers are concerned with data privacy and the lack of real control over what big corporations do with personal data. Privacy control is strongly appreciated by the premium segment of the market.


 The installation and set-up of MIND takes little time and effort (i.e. a ten-room house takes 48h). MIND uses the existing electrical wiring system of the house, so no remodelling is needed.


The aim of this campaign is to evolve this home automation platform to an industrial - general purpose platform. In order to be ready to open new parallel market, where real-time distributed high performing device are needed. 

Benefits for supporters
We are looking for industrial partners in order to develop new vertical markets, using our full stack from-edge-to-cloud platform that is a step away to be applied in many different fields. Eg. Eldery care, monitoring systems, office-automation, retail real-time sentiment analysis, farm-automation.
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