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The software solutions from PROFACTOR for a flexible robot, are already installed in industrial applications. Industrial requirements define the following specifications:

  1. Speed: The reconfiguration – both for new tasks and for new variants – should take place in a time that is in line with a volatile production. The PROFACTOR-solution XRob for example, requires a changeover time of just one minute per screwing-point.
  2. Easy to use: The applications developed are used by operators in the production line. Therefore, the design of user interfaces should be intuitive.
  3. System Complexity: There should be a common portal for a combined process automation of the robot manipulator, controller, sensors and tools. Such parameterization of an entire process is made possible by the software modules. This means that distribution to control systems and accessories is a thing of the past.
  4. Versatility: Analogous to process-oriented thinking, the differentiation of a robot’s task does not play a vital role anymore. Teaching the robot about handling, screwing or inspection tasks are carried out on a single system.
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At PROFACTOR, the proprietary development XRob stands as representative for answering these challenges. The XRob system can be understood as both a software module and as a mobile robotic platform, which is constantly developed further.

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