COVID19 - „Coffe Butler“ – Safe distribution of Goods in Office

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The OVE headquarter has one central room, which is the meeting point for all employees and using the coffee machine, the printer and all shared equipment. This is the only room where uncontrolled contact between people can take place and therefore this room could act as a place for transmitting COVID 19. In order to avoid any transmission of COVID 19 at the central room solutions are being sought which are easy to implement and to use. A robot-based solution could be considered, whereby the robot takes over the distribution of central goods  (coffee, print outs e.g.).

Logistical problems (stairs, other obstacles) and safety-related problems have to be considered and solved. Possible solutions will be tested and evaluated by OVE in order to minimize all applicable risks.


  • Model selection, installation conditions
  • Safety related analyses
  • Scenario consideration for use
  • Cost / benefit estimation

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Evaluation criteria:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Costs and costs of maintenance
  • Readiness level
  • Innovative Approach
  • Safety- and Security aspects