COVID19 - Social distancing in a warehouse (for wine bottle)

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Company Smith is running a wine trade, which is offering various wine bottles from 90 wine makers to companies or end-consumers. Due to the Corona lock down (quarantine) the amount of wine ordered by end-consumers via internet/phone has increased by 400% percent. The situation is leading to new challenges: In the warehouse there are several persons present at the same time for picking the bottles and preparing the wine deliveries.  At the moment it is not possible for the people at the warehouse to keep a safe distance and to keep working simultaneously on the orders. A solution is sought which is affordable for small businesses like the Smith wine trade to ensure social distancing in the warehouse.

These Solutions must be designed as follows or can be based on the following technologies

  • Low Cost Camera System (not personalized)
  • Robotic replacement of personnel
  • easy to use


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Evaluation criteria:

  • Practical – easy to use
  • SME suitable
  • Costs and maintenance
  • Readiness level