COVID-19 – Call for potential solutions for encouraging physical distancing between children in school

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In the wake of the current pandemic of Covid-19, elementary school of Matija Petar Katančić in Valpovo, Croatia, is looking for an effective solution, applicable with both children and employees, that would allow to hold classes with respecting the safety measures, specifically physical distancing.

The required solution must be applicable with children attending elementary school, both in the indoor and outdoor environment. The solution should encourage implementation of distancing measures in order to neutralize possibilities to transfer the virus.

Solution must be implemented in a subtle way which does not interrupt teaching process and other school related activities. Features of the solution must not in any way endanger health and safety of children and school employees.

Priority among offered solutions have those that:

  •           involve Internet of Things technology
  •           involve Industry 4.0 technology
  •           involve sensor-based technology
  •           involve Smart Devices technology
  •           allow subtle implementation, regarding the delicate user target group
  •           are easy to integrate, operate and maintain
  •           have a long-term perspective for re-use in case of new pandemic situations
  •           are based on sustainable and clean production
  •           do not require additional training or education in order to use them.

Elementary school of Matija Petar Katančić in Valpovo will offer collaboration with solution provider on development and testing of the solution. Based on the result of the testing, further actions concerning potential commercial use of the solution will be discussed.

All Intellectual Property Rights remain in the ownership of the solution provider as the owner of the technology being implemented as a part of the solution.


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  •           Assessment of compatibility with teaching program and other school activities
  •           Assessment of health and safety risks
  •           Assessment of compatibility with the priority fields listed in the call
  •           Assessment of technology readiness level
  •           Assessment of compliance with the procurement procedures
  •           Assessment of applicability, usability and maintenance
  •           Assessment of feasibility and effectiveness
  •           Cost/benefit analysis

No prize is foreseen at this moment. Commercial arrangement will be discussed after the testing phase.