EXAMPLE - Magnesium-based alloys processed with selective laser melting technology for aeronautical applications

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The project involves developing the additive technology (metal 3D printing) of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for magnesium alloy through the selection of variable technological parameters and fixed conditions, the main application areas for the results are in the aerospace industry. The SLM technology will be thoroughly investigated, optimal process parameters will be searched for, powders of magnesium and its alloys will be examined for application in SLM, topological optimization of aerospace part will be performed and a technological demonstrator will be validated by an aerospace company.


We are looking for researchers for tasks:

  1. Conducting and analyzing test results in the field of vacuum heat treatment of magnesium alloys up to 400 ° C,
  2. Conducting and analyzing the results of material testing in the field of chemical composition determinations (GDOS, XRF) and X-ray phase analysis using an X-ray diffractometer (XRD),
  3. Conducting and analyzing the results of testing surface properties (Scratch test method) and abrasion resistance testing using the Pin-on-disc method,
  4. Examination of objects with attributes of cross sections in the produced geometry

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Requirements for researchers:

  • PhD in materials science
  • Experience in implementing research projects on similar subjects (at least 4)
  • Experience of working in an accredited materials engineering laboratory specializing in materials for aviation (at least 2 years)
  • Experience in testing materials for aviation applications (at least 10 publications with IF)
  • International scientific internships (at least 2)

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