(covid19) Help the Homeoffice Worker: a simple solution for hanging your balcony solar system

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Since the start of the Covid19 crisies, more and more people have to work from home. This means they are using electricity at home instead at their workplace. Home electricity can easily produced with a Micro PV system. But many people have issues with hanging the solar panel from their balcony. 

Every balcony is a little bit diffrent, some have round railings, some bear out, some have square rails, some are made from wood, concrete or steel. Thus it is difficult to build a hanging solution that fits every balcony. Current solutions are either expensive (aroudn 150 EUR) or can only be fitted to some balconies.

Thus the task is to construct a hanging system that can:

  • Accomodate diffrent shapes and sizes ofrailings of balconies,
  • accomodate diffrent panels, eg. panels of diffrent thickness
  • can be put up and put down easily
  • bear up to 20 kgs,
  • can be printed on a standard 3d printer with a 20 x 20 x 20 cm printing area,
  • use standard filament that can withstand UV light, direct sun, rain and snow and last at least 5 years
  • be modified from a online or open source CAD Software with parameters
  • be available open source

A normal person should be able to put up the construction. Not all the parts have to be 3d printed, it is possible to use other standard material (wood, aluminium, ...) as well.

The system shoul either hang on the balcony vertically or it should be possible to tilt it up to 30°.

For background information or specs of solar panels please contact me.

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Solution will be evaluated by our technical team, these should be:

  • easy to print, eg. reasonable time up to 48 hours
  • fullfill the specs
  • open source