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How to submit a solution to the challenge HOUSE OF THE FUTURE?

Terms & conditions

Enter the SYNERGY platform, create an account (if you don’t have one) and log in:

 Enter the challenge HOUSE OF THE FUTURE on the SYNERGY platform:

 Read the scope of the challenge carefully. If you have a product idea, try to create a team and develop your product. Next, after you are ready, take the following steps:

 Select “TEAMS”


Next, click: „ADD TEAM“


Enter the name of your team and select members (note that according to the challenge criteria the solution must be submitted by a team composed of at least 2 platform users (platform accounts)).


Next, after your team has been created, submit your solution. To do this, select “Solutions”:


and next click “ADD SOLUTION”:


Finally, describe briefly your solution, select your team and upload at least 2 files: 3D CAD model of your product and filled in template: SYNERGY_Report template OT4.8.docx (the file can be downloaded directly from the challenge description, section “DATA”). Note that in order to attach 2 or more files you need to use “Ctrl” button.


To submit your solution click “Add”.